Business Transformation
and Change

We all heard about how painful the reality is when talking about Business
Transformations (BT)
: most of the complex, large-scale change programs don’t
reach their goals.

We all heard about their common pitfalls: lack of employee engagement,
inadequate management support, poor cross-functional collaboration, or lack
of accountability, to name just a few.

However, we are convinced that Business Transformations can be run
. Our consultants have an extensive, valuable expertise gained in
large BT projects. We adjusted our approach with the lessons we learned from
our clients, and we constantly tested it in order to see what it worked and what
did not work. Basically, we guide our clients throughout a BT journey
following several simple steps

01 Business Strategy
02 Transformation Plan
03 Portfolio of Initiatives
04 Change Mindsets
and Behaviors
05 Performance

What we do, together with our clients, is to:

  • Agree on the business strategy and set ambitious targets
  • Develop a transformation plan that operationalize the company’s targets
  • Implement the plan as a full-scale organizational effort

In order to go through these steps, we need two enablers:

  • Change Management: we focus our efforts in changing the mindsets
    and behaviors of the people who will lead and own the transformation
  • Performance Management: we make sure that everyone in the
    organization is heading in the same direction, there is clear
    alignment among organizational levels, and the organization’s focus
    is on what really matters

We know that few consultants arrive at this stage. But it is not over yet.
One of the most difficult part is to sustain the impact of the transformation.
After such a difficult journey, the temptation is for the people in the
organizations to get tired and go back to their bad old habits. For a
transformation to be successful, people need to learn to work in different ways.
They need to learn different skills.
Of course, we cannot manage such an effort alone.The company’s leaders must
be fully committed before, during, and after the transformation.

Once they do, we’ll be an invincible team together!