About us

Who We Are

We are a Romanian based business consulting firm with international experience from experts in the management consulting and IT industries. We help our local and international clients to solve complex problems by mixing business concepts with technology.

Our cumulated consulting experience revolves around helping clients from various industries (Retail, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Banking, Security, IT, Public, Transportation) achieve their business objectives.

We are constantly looking for new challenges and ambitious projects that can contribute for developing and growing our clients’ businesses.

If you’d like to know more about us, here is a short intro of our team’s professional experience.

Sneak Peek in our Leading TEAM

We’ve started it from scratch together.

Ionuţ Ciprian Zaharia

Founder & Management Consultant

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Adrian Banciu

Senior Project Manager & Management Consultant

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Our Main Competences
And Expertise

Innovation Management
Consulting Services

Innovation, in its modern meaning, represents a new idea that creates value if rightly implemented and which serves to meet a new requirement, unarticulated or existing market need. Nowadays is has become an extremely important differentiator among competing organizations. In order to keep the pace with market standards and developments, we believe innovation is essential for any successful business. Therefore, we support companies in creating innovative cultures and provide end-to-end service implementation, from innovation strategy development to innovation setup building and team training & coaching.

Business & IT Management
Consulting Services

We provide management consulting services to support organizations improve their performance and efficiency. We are proud of our diverse service portfolio and consulting competence mix within our team. It makes us capable to deliver complex packages of services for medium and long-term collaborations, for both IT and business sides. We are truly passionate about our work and happy to discuss how the services we offer can bring a valuable impact to your organization.

Our Core Values


We are conscious that what we do today will have an impact tomorrow. Our step-by-step work approach considers long term business strategic objectives and outcomes, ensuring service sustainability. At the same time, our solutions are implemented in agile and innovative ways. This makes them flexible enough to adapt, when necessary, to the market trends and unavoidable changes.


We believe that for any successful partnership and collaboration, trust is essential. We earn trust from our clients through work dedication, commitment, close and transparent communication, but also throughout the passion we invest in what we do.


We are an ambitious team of consultants who are driven by excellence and outstanding results. We commit to continuous learning and improvement to be fully equipped anytime to face any challenges. We give our best and we are happy to prove it.


Experience showed us that similar levels of responsibility and engagement are necessary from all parties involved in order to reach successful results. Therefore, we adopt a partnership model while working side by side with our clients.


We consider that we did our job well when we see its impact and materialized results. For us there is truly no bigger professional satisfaction than aiming high and scoring ambitious objectives.


We embrace innovation and entrepreneurship approach since it plays crucial roles in any business’s growth and performance. Having it integrated in our daily work makes any change and challenge easier to overcome.


We believe that value creation should be the primary purpose of a business entity, being certainly a driving force of any business growth. Regardless of project size and criticality, we deliver our services with a value driven focus.