Financial Management
& Controlling

How many financial management performance evaluations have
you conducted in the last 12 months? Do you think you could have
done anything better? When is the last time your people came in
with organizational or operational initiatives, having impact on your
company’s financials, that resulted in higher profits/revenues for
your organization?

We like you to succeed in everything you do and so we contribute,
with our work and knowledge, to grow and optimize your business.
For this, we believe that financial management and controlling play
an essential role in any organization.

Our local and international experience have helped us develop consulting expertise to support financial departments with:

  • Fundamental Financial Analysis and Performance Evaluations for various companies (Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, Solvency)
  • Controlling Best Practices: Business Case Modelling (e.g. Buy/Make Scenarios, Baseline definition, Demand planning)
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Company valuations for IPO purposes (market valuations with discounted cash flow and peer group methods)


Contact us if you are looking to level up the financial
management & controlling operations in your organization and if
you are aiming specifically to:
  • OPTIMIZE you financial planning
  • IMPROVE the planning and acquisition of funds in your company
  • Utilize and allocate more EFFECTIVELY the funds received or acquired
  • Make BETTER critical financial decisions
  • IMPROVE the profitability of your organization
  • Provide SUSTAINABLE economic stability
  • INCREASE the overall value of your company
  • MAINTAIN proper cash-flow as per your business needs
  • INCREASE your financial management & controlling performance