Data Science and
Machine Learning

Data science & machine learning are a good match which can very much
influence a business performance and improve decision making.

Machine learning uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enable systems to
automatically learn and improve based on available data without being
explicitly programmed. Data science blends machine learning principles
with other business tools in order to discover insights in raw data.

To drive your business scalability and competitive advantage, we offer two services:
Data science as a Service (DSaaS):

We can support you in using data science technology to develop Performance Management algorithms and solve isolated issues (e.g. Customer retention, Promotion optimization, Recommendation engine, etc.)

Data Science Excellence Center (DSEC):

We can help you set up capability center(s) consisting of all resources (people, skills, technology processes) that can use Data Science algorithms in order to improve Performance Management within your organization

Unsurprisingly, more and more companies have started to test the mix of technology
with data science in order to gain superior insights and better predictions for success.

What would you like to improve in your business?

Example of use cases where data science provides added value:
  • Product improvement & market share gain
  • Margins’ increase through inventories’ optimization and demand trends forecasting
  • Best employees’ retention
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Improved (overall/on a specific area) business performance and productivity
Alternatively, we can use Backward Engineering: Let us know what kind of data you can provide us with, and we can tailor a solution that would make best use of the information.