Client feedback

Daniel Tompos

Commercial Operations Lead Bayer

Project: 360 degree organizational analysis de business development in Romania

”Enovise Present had an essential contribution in identifying the measures needed for the distributor's business growth. Throughout our collaboration, Enovise Present proved to possess some of the key attributes required for a organizational analysis and development project: proactivity, methodological expertise, strong business knowledge, the ability to provide well documented analysis findings."

Cozmin Andrei

Key Account Manager Bayer

Project: 360 degree organizational analysis de business development in Romania

”The complexity of the project consisted of the fact that different sides of the business (sales, finance, operations, IT) needed to be analyzed, nevertheless, Enovise Present, tackled this challenge in a professional manner by applying a well structured approach to the project."

Gabriel Valentin Comănescu

President & CEO GSP

Project: Business Transfer and Reorganization at the Black Sea in Oil & Gas

”The entire bidding and business transfer process has been a complex challenge and I am happy to mark it as a success. Enovise Present enabled our Bidding and Transformation Team to put together all the managerial and operational aspects required for a successful Transition. Apart from their expertise in management, business, and IT, I highly appreciated their hands-on involvement throughout all phases of the project.

George Barcaru

Safety Manager & Project Manager Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport Constanța

Project: Automation of the operational flow for Nonconformity Management

”Ensuring safety and security is a core activity for the Airport. Thus, modernizing the workflows required for nonconformity management represented a major strategic objective for us. Enovise Present helped us design, develop and implement the Software Application that we needed. Being the first initiative of this kind within the organization, it had its challenges. Nevertheless, Enovise Present acted proactively as a trustworthy partner, being able to manage the complex processes within the project.

Florin Bora

CEO Stratle and Account Manager ONSEO

Project: Strategic options design for Business Development and company preparation for an Exit

”The collaboration with Enovise Present started with one of our clients in the B2B software industry. The client had a scattered international presence with what can be called a traditional management style, and it wanted to explore new strategic options to stay competitive and to eventually prepare for an exit. There were no clearly documented operational model and structure, so it was a challenge to obtain clarity and transparency for assessing the client’s capabilities. Enovise Present brought in their expertise and were able to provide a clear and thorough analysis of the internal capabilities. It was also helpful the fact that they provided financial expertise to evaluate the strategic options, which provided valuable insight for the client. I consider this a successful project as the client was satisfied and requested follow-up support to develop a compelling Investor Presentation Deck. Again, Enovise Present promptly complemented our team with graphic design and financial expertise for developing a professional Pitch Deck. Overall, it was an exciting project experience that I would gladly repeat in the future.”

Iuliana Avăcăriței

Founder & CEO Pluridet Comexim

Project: Automation with RPA technology of the public procurement process for a Bidder

”In the public sector things can get pretty cumbersome when having to find new sales leads and when having to prepare the documentation required for submitting an offer. Enovise Present, by developing the RoboSEAP prototype, helped us to experiment with automatizing some time-consuming manual activities. I think that the experiment-based approach focused on learning, led to the development of a prototype with high growth potential in Romania.

Marcel Isăilă

Founder & CEO Sampa Mind

Project: Development of the software service portfolio based on Design Thinking methodology

”In the pandemic context, we found ourselves in the situation in which we had to explore new business development opportunities by expanding our service portfolio. Enovise Present helped us interact with a new potential client segment, by applying Design Thinking innovation practices. In this way we could better understand the challenges the potential clients were facing. Enovise Present proposed a structured, iterative approach based on customer discovery. This approach was of great help for us to define a new relevant service offering.