Discover the benefits of a Business Process Management & Automation project

Do you know the difference between generating added value and developing standard solutions for your organization?

In the case study below, Ioana discovered this difference during a BPMA (Business Process Management & Automation) project.

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Take the opportunity to identify the processes with the greatest impact in your company. Generate added value to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Processes simply mean “end-to-end” work, as opposed to piecemeal, separate, activity-level work. Focusing on processes, as opposed to tasks, is a fundamental change in how we regard work at organizational level. Improving the productivity of an individual task can be a useful think to do, but no longer represents a major source of competitive advantage. 

Companies that focus on their processes by designing them, measuring them, managing them, and constantly improving them, including the identification of automation opportunities, will be those that will achieve operational excellence.

Traditional processes, as they exist in most organizations today, are loaded with non-value-adding work.

These activities are the root cause of the high costs, slow cycle times, multiple errors that occur throughout the flow and, finally, the complexity of the work.

All these causes are reflected in the deterioration of the relationship with end customers.

In most cases, removing these blockages cannot be done easily by simply isolating an activity from the flow.

The correct approach, that Enovise Present recommends, is to reconsider the process as a whole and to find new ways of combining its tasks together. The final objective is to identify the most efficient flow, with value-added activities, for the benefit of the end customer.



Are you ready for a radical change?

Do you want your processes to truly support your company’s goals?

During a free consulting session, we will help you discover how you can improve the efficiency and the overall performance of the organization. We will achieve that by identifying opportunities for optimizing and automating your key processes, thus generating added value for all categories of stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, etc.).



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