The True Stake of Going Digital: efficiency driven or real transformation?

The True Stake of Going Digital


More and more companies, both local and international, are engaged in or are ready to start digital projects. Already a trend, the digital wave has been significantly accelerated by the pandemic. The conclusion revealed by many surveys carried out on this topic is not encouraging at all: companies fail to reach their objectives or, even worse, they are not capable to make the most out of this amazing opportunity that digitalization provides     


Context. The pandemic has accelerated what it was already a well-shaped trend: the digitalization initiatives – either called “Digital Transformation” projects or, simply, “Digitalization” projects – became a norm among companies. The C-suites and boards’ expectations are extremely high. Surprisingly or not, senior executives are frustrated by the slow pace and limited return on investment of their digital transformations. Companies are pouring significant investments into such initiatives, but they typically yield limited gains.

Why do most of the digital initiatives have a limited impact. There are many reasons for that. The most visible ones are the lack of support from the top management, or their limited scope. In many cases, companies try to implement transformation efforts without setting any clear goal, or without having the appropriate resources. The bigger point is that most of the companies that are engaged in digitalization projects focus on internal efficiency-driven results only. Meanwhile, the winners in the age of digital achieved their gains mainly because they learned how to be more capable at creating value for their customers and users, by meeting their real needs.             

Those (few) that win and those (many) that lose. Unlike the “efficiency-driven digital initiatives”, the “digital transformation initiatives” represent outstanding opportunities to review multiple business areas: the operational model (business processes), the organization structure, the talent and the existent pool of skills, products and services, and the key elements that define the organization culture. The winners must become adept at understanding and meeting customers’ unmet needs, not merely upgrading current products, and adjusting internal systems to be more efficient and more profitable. Moreover, the long-term impact and resilience will be directly influenced by the capacity of building bold, sustainable business models.        

Enovise Present – partner for those who want to make a difference in the age of digital. Something is clear: the Digital Transformation initiatives can significantly influence the future trajectory of a company. There is very much at stake. Well structured, having the full support of the top management, and with the appropriate mindset, these initiatives can transform you into a winner in the age of digital.     

If you really consider to engage in a “Digital Transformation”  effort in the near future, we are more than pleased to invite you to a dialogue on this topic. We would be delighted to support you along this fascinating journey!

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